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curriculum en ingles

L U I S – P A B L O G O M E Z V I D A L E S
Personal Information:
Born in the village of Ocaña, in the province of Toledo in 1948.
Currently based in the city of Toledo since 1958.
Studies: High School, Degree in Childhood Education, School of Art, Fine Arts, Drawing,
Painting, Engraving, Ceramic and Pottery. (Currently studying Social and Cultural Anthropology
at the Universidad de Castilla la Mancha).
Other artistic and cultural experiences; In 1971 found the association and Gallery Tolmo
with other artists, where I continued participating until 1995.
In this association I shared artistic experiences in the vanguard of the XX century and
with works of: Canogar, Lucio Muñoz, Pablo Serrano, Pablo Guerrero, Feito, Venancio
Blanco, Semper, Zobel, Gerardo Rueda, Chillida, (among others). I worked in monographic
exhibitions of well-known artists; Victorio Macho, Ruíz de Luna y Alberto Sánchez,
I also participated in installing a sculpture of Chillida in Toledo, and in the Project
of an outdoor Sculpture Museum around the northern walls of Toledo.
In 1995, I actively participated in the Homage of the Centenario de Alberto Sánchez
(1885-1995), a compendium of cultural ceremonies, where amongst others I participated
in the organization and of the commission. I subsequently founded with other artists
and intellects, the Círculo de Arte de Toledo, a national cultural association, where I
manage and organize different works, nationally and internationally.
After having worked for eleven years as an organizer and manager of public culture in
various fields. in March 2001, I took the competitive exam for the position of Research
Cultural Technician at the City Hall of Toledo, where I currently assume this position
with the Director of Convenio CULTURALTOLEDO.
I am currently involved in the artistic experience of RECICLARTE, and fulfilling natural
surroundings, “arte efímero” works made with elements found and ordered in each
place. In 2007 I worked for Guirigay Teatro in set designing for “las Puertas de Europa” a
Portuguese and Turkish co - production of a dramatic, which will be performed for the
first time national festival of Cáceres, and will tour different stage setting of Europe.
Participate in the making of the International Artist meeting Nexo 03 a 07. Held in
In 2008 invited by the Art department (Center of Visual Arts) of the The University of
Toledo, Ohio,U.S.A. to work on the creation and experience of teaching programs and a
public exhibition..
Youth ptizes -1969 y 1970. First and Outstanding prizes.
Dragados y Construcciones National Art Award. 1973.
Monumrnt to Santa Teresa, Toledo 1985.
Real Fundación, Toledo. 1990.
Asociación Luna Negra 1990.
Works in:
Fondos de la Consejeria de Cultura de Castilla la Mancha.
Palaxe of Parcen, Ministerio de Justicia Madrid.
Delegación del Gobierno de Castilla la Mancha, Toledo.
Plaza de Santa Teresa bronze monument, Toledo.
Funds of the old Banco Hipotecario (Argentaria). Madrid.
Funds of the Excma. Diputación de Toledo.
Funds of the historical archives of the Excmo. Ayto. De Toledo.
Centro Universitario de Toledo.
Funds of Caja Castilla la Mancha.
Delegación de Economia y Hacienda de Castilla la Mancha, Toledo.
Funds of the Cortes de Castilla la Mancha.
Private collections in Japan, USA, Germany and Spain.
Personal Exhibitions.
“Sobre los Entornos”, Gallery Tolmo. Toledo 1974.
“De los Entornos”, Gallery Ovidio. Madrid 1975.
“De lo bello y lo sublime”, Gallery Tolmo. Toledo 1977.
“Sobre la agresión a la Ecología”. Gallery Tolmo. Toledo 1979.
“El paisaje en el espacio”, Gallery Tolmo. Toledo 1985-1986.
“La abstracción de un cubismo expresionista”, Gallery Tolmo Toledo 1989.
“Artist meetingen Pollensa”. Gallery Actual Art. Mallorca 1990.
“Propuestas de arte contemporáneo” University CEI. Toledo.1992.
“Papeles y Palabras” Provincial Archives. Toledo. Consejeria de Cultura. 1998.
“Entorno al Jazz” Gallery de Arte Blasco de Garay, Madrid. (Caja Madrid).1998
“Sonidos y Colores”, Klänge und Farben, Museum Ludwid, Aquisgran. Germany 2001.
“Certidumbres del espacio” Inauguration of the Gallery Ar+51. Toledo 2002.
“Pierde” (Caballos). French Cultural Institute. Matthéy-Pavillon des Deutsch-
Französischen Kulturinstituts, Aachen. Germany .2003
“Recicl-arte“ Cultural Center. Caja Castilla la Mancha. Albacete.2006
“Reciclarte“ Exhibition Center. San Clemente.Diputacion de Toledo 2007
“Reciclarte“ Gallery AR+51. Toledo. 2007
“Reciclarte“ Exhibiting hall in Universidad de CLM. Campus Ciudad Real 2007
“Reciclarte“ Cultural Centers of Caja Duero. Caceres y Plasencia. 2007
-Stage setting for “las puertas de Europa”. National and International representations
under the production of Guirigay theatre 2007-08.
Collective exhibitions:
1973 a 1979:-Artists from Toledo. Barcelona, Reales Atarazanas.
-Homage to the Spanish avant- guard, Alberto Sánchez, Gallery Tolmo. Toledo. - Sellection
of the drawing Prize Joan Miro. Museum GulbeKian of Lisbon, -
Spanish contemporary painters. Casa de Colon Canarias. -Collective exhibit Gallery
Leonardo. Zaragoza.-
-Collective exhibit. Exhibition hall, Sanko en Tokio, Japón. - Collective exhibit, Cultural
Center, Nara, Japan.
-Tolmo Group in the Palacio de Cristal de Madrid.- Art76, International art fair Basilea,
Switzerland -Arte Expo 76, Palacio de Alfonso XIII de Barcelona.- International art fair.
Zaragoza.- Gallery Junio Champer, Takaoka, Japan.
-Spanish Artists, Foundation Nika de Tokio, Kioto, Nagoya, Osaka, Japan and Toledo
Spain. -Gallery Manuela, Córdoba.-Caja, San Fernando Sevilla.-Gallery Balboa Madrid.
1980 a 1989:-Gallery Piquio, Santander. -X anniversary Tolmo Group, San Pedro Mártir,
Toledo. -Cultural Center, Talavera. -Castellano Manchega Culture and its roots, Palacio
de Velázquez. Madrid. -International Fair, Arco 84, Gallery Tolmo, Ifema. Madrid. -Gallery
Biosca. Madrid. -Palacio de los Reyes Católicos de Santiago de Compostela, Representation
of contemporary art. Toledo, Congress of historical cities of 85. Inauguration
exhibition. Gallery Granero de Cuenca.-“Grupo Tolmo y Alberto Sánchez en el País
Vasco”, Museum. San Telmo, San Sebastián. -Castellano Artists, Gallery Grife y Escoda.
Madrid. -Collective exhibit StadtturmGallery, Insbruck. Austria.-“Homage to the sculptor
Victorio Macho”, Gallery Tolmo. Toledo.
-Inauguration of the Gallery Actual art. de Pollensa. Mallorca.-Sellected Artists. IX Bienal.
Zamora.-Selección III national competition Bacardi. Malaga.-
1990 a 1999: -Sellection of the X Bienal. Zamora. -Tolmo XX años, Cultural Center Conde
Duque Madrid. -Tolmo 20 year anniversary of the Museum Santa Cruz, Toledo. -Funds
and Prizes and acquisitions. Junta de Comunidades, Toledo,in Museums of Cuenca,
Toledo, Ciudad Real. Albacete and Guadalajara. -Collective exhibit, Gallery Sureste.
Granada.-Contemporary Spanish Art of JEAN COCTEAU, en Saint Nazaire,
France.-“Homaje to Marcoida, Gallery Alfama. Madrid.-“Certidumbre de la Luz “, Museum
of Contemporary Art, Toledo. -Asociación Cultural Hispano-Norteamericana, Collective
exhibition, Hotel San Mauro Madrid.-“Valle Páramo en memoria,” Exhibition hall
Matías Moreno, Art school, Toledo -Indulto 13 Toros, Cultural Center, San Ildefonso
,Toledo.-“Alberto 1895-1995 meeting. Toledo.”Collective exhibition at the Cultural centerl
San Ildefonso de Toledo.- “Tiempos modernos, 150 anniversary, Highschool “El
Greco”. Cultural Center San Ildefonso, Toledo.-”Pinceles solidarios”Collective exhibition,
Cultural Center Buenavista. Toledo, fines benéficos. -Funds of Caja de Castilla la
Mancha at the Museum Provincial. Albacete.- created in Circulo, Collective exhibition,
Circulo de Arte de Toledo.- Creado en Circulo, exhibition hall, Cultura de
Aranjuez.-Homaje to the fallo del Supremo al indulto del Toro de Osborne, Circulo de
Arte, Toledo.-“Arte Postal” Circulo de Arte de Toledo. -Academy of Contemporary Art.
Rome. Collective exhibition. -Collective exhibition, Association Aceac, Barcelona.-
2000. -Homaje al Bosco, Collective exhibition Circulo de Arte. Toledo.
-Selection contest of Unión Fenosa, exhibitions at Museum Provincial de Ciudad Real,
Museum Provincial, Guadalajara y Centro San Marcos. Toledo.
2001. -Commemoration of the Casa de Castilla la Mancha, Cultural Center Nicolás
Salmerón. Madrid.-
2003. Collective exhibition, Círculo de Arte. Toledo; ARCADENO.ES. Cultural Cennter San
Marcos. Toledo.-“Idealizando Toledo” Gallery Armas 51. Toledo.
-“Encuentros”, Artists in Castilla Mancha. Museum Santa Cruz. Toledo.
-Nexo, International artist meeting. San Servando. San Ildefonso. Toledo.
-Exhibition. Cultural Cennter San Ildefonso. Toledo
-Artist meeting y regata de velas in, Trieste. Italy. “vele sul golfo-arte sul mare” installation
art. Collective international artists.”Barcolana-Coppa d´Autunno.”
-Presentation of Culture magazine, collective exhibition. velas“arte sul mare” recopiladas
en Trieste. San Vicente Círculo de Arte. Toledo.
2oo4. “Abierto por obra”. Collective artist International exhibition, Gallery Cruce. Madrid.
-Exhibition Inauguration at the Exhibition hall de San Vicente del Círculo de Arte. Toledo.
-International collection, Nexo el Círculo de Arte. Toledo.
-Collective exhibition. Gallery Ar+51
2005. -International Artist meeting Nexo. Cultural Center San Clemente. Toledo.
-Artist meeting Nexo -Exhibition hall. Círculo de Arte. Toledo
-Quijotadas. International collective exhibition. Centenario del Quijote, Círculo de Arte.
-Fondos de la Gallery Ar+ 51 de Toledo
2005/06 -Itinerante de los fondos de Nexo 2005 exhibition halls and cultural centers .
Province of Toledo. Excma. Diputación Provincial. Toledo.
2006.- Fondos Gallery Ar+ 51
- Collective works selected from Nexo at the Escuela Superior de Cerámica de la Moncloa
. Madrid.
-Collaborating artist at the International artist meeting. NEXO2006.
-Collective works, International artist meeting NEXO. 2006 en San Clemente.Toledo
-Collective works NEXO small format. Circulo de Arte .San Vicente.Toledo
-Abierto por Obra, collective exhibition using recycled material. Circulo de Arte Toledo.
-Representation of the collective of the Circulo de Arte, International Art fair. FEMAIN
2007.- International contemporary artist. Sevilla. Gallery Expo Arte.
-Collective exhibition “resumen de la temporada” Gallery Ar+51.Toledo
-NEXO 07. International artist meeting NEXO. Toledo. August, 2007.
Exhibits (summary):
-Cultural Center San Clemente
-Circulo de Arte. Toledo
-Collective works for Unicef. Colegio de Arquitectos Técnicos y Aparejadores de
2008. -Meeting at the University of Toledo Ohio(USA).Departamento de Arte, Exhibit of

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